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1.Product inquiry                  Tel:021-51323769      
    Inquiry Please inform ① product code & structure ② purchase quantity and specifications ③ purity requirements ④ delivery requirements ⑤ contact persons and units ⑥ shipping and payment methods
2.Order Confirmation    We will reply you within 4-24 hours after receiving the inquiry. The order and payment method should be confirmed by both parties before signing the purchase contract.
For special reasons need to inform each other in advance, we receive your confirmation of order time is the order confirmation time
3.Delivery and delivery   Within 1 business day after the order is confirmed, we will arrange the delivery for the spot product
Non-stock products We ship in accordance with the provisions of the contract time
4.customer service  

ou can leave your contact information or email address, our customer service staff will inform you the delivery order number, or send to your designated mailbox

We will pay attention to your order, tracking the delivery of goods

5.Quality inspection services  

~Price and payment terms


   Chinese domestic customers in RMB, foreign customers all prices are in dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping and insurance costs need to be prepaid into the product cost. Terms of sale effective for 30 days. Written quotes to ensure effective within 30 days. Payment overdue for 30 days is subject to late fees of 1.5% of the total monthly price. In some cases require payment in advance, we will retain the final explanation. The buyer is responsible for all overseas bank transaction fees.

Tariffs and other fees

   The buyer will be responsible for all taxes, duties, excise duties, customs, inspection, inspection fees and other charges borne by local authorities.


   Under normal circumstances, we provide FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT or EMS home delivery service. Domestic customers generally use SF Express.

Hazardous chemicals use and responsibility

  Many chemicals are dangerous. All products must be kept in the knowledge of the potential hazards of the chemicals and laboratory specialists. All compounds are restricted to laboratory studies and not to humans or animals. The customer must keep the chemicals safe according to the current legislation.

Quality assurance and return

    Within the prescribed period, we will guarantee the quality of the product. This warranty is exclusive and the seller has no other warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. After receiving the goods, the buyer must immediately inspect it and, if there is any shortage or damage, must submit the goods to the seller within 3 days. Quality problems must be raised within 10 days of receiving the goods. Unauthorized return will not be accepted.


   In some countries we will not provide sales of such products in the country where the patent is protected, at the buyer's sole risk, once infringement occurs. We sell the product, within the scope of the United States patent, is limited to research and development. Customer must be responsible for the purchase.

customized product

   For customized product pricing, please contact us directly.

common problem


Q: How to get product detail standard and COA?
Customers can obtain detailed product standards through the website's product detail page or request a customer service specialist for product quality specifications before purchasing. After purchasing the products, Lot numbers can be provided in exchange for the batch quality inspection report (COA)
Q: Can I purchase invoices? Can I open VAT invoice?
The company can provide customers with 17% tax rate of value-added tax invoices

Q: How long after the order can be shipped?
Spot products can be delivered within 1 business day.
Customized products are shipped on the date specified in the contract and we will maintain close communication with our customers during the delivery.
Q: Can I cash on delivery?
Paknai Pharma provides qualified post-paid qualifications for customers, specifically consult your customer service specialist.
Q: When will the invoice be issued?
Under normal circumstances, the invoice will be issued within 1 ~ 2 weeks after the goods are sent out and verified by the customer and sent by express delivery.




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