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Our Technologies Include:
²  Asymmetric Synthesis Technology
 ü   Enzymatic transformation(Chiral amine, Chiral alcohol, Un-nature amino acid)
 ü   Asymmetric hydrogenation
 ü   Chiral auxiliary (Chiral sulfinamide, Evan’s Auxiliary etc) asymmetric synthesis
ü   Chemical Resolution with chiral acid or amine
 ²  Coupling Technology
 Suzuki coupling, Buchwald reaction, Sonogashira reaction, Negishi reaction, Heck reaction , Stille reaction,  Cu Nickel catalyzed C-C, C-N, C-O coupling are widely applied in our research and production.
 ²  Grignard Reaction
    With extensive experience, we can carry out up to 10000L Grignard reaction
Our Service Includes:
Custom Synthesis Service
 - Medicinal chemistry scaffold and building blocks
- Scale-up of selected compounds for further evaluation
- Reference compound, assay standard, and metabolite
- Key and advanced intermediates
- Synthetic pathway design, evaluation and route scouting
Process R & D and Production
 - Research and development of chemical processes suitable for the synthesis of preclinical and phase I/II study materials from the original medicinal chemistry route
- Process improvement of existing chemical process
- Validation of process technical package provided by customers
- Production of non-GMP material and advanced intermediates up to hundreds of kilograms


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